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Rooted in Agriculture

The Merced County Farm Bureau is a non-profit grassroots organization that advocates for farmers, ranchers and dairy families in Merced County. For many students, both in rural and urban areas, the understanding of where food and fiber comes from and the impact agriculture has on their daily lives is many times misunderstood. To aid in informing local students about agriculture the Merced County Farm Bureau hosts an annual FARM2U Day for the local community to participate in. In addition, Merced County Farm Bureau staff participates in a number of on-campus Agriculture Days. Although this is a valiant effort by our organization, volunteers, and educators we know that there are thousands of students that are missing out on the opportunity to learn about the importance of agriculture. For this reason, we have created this rewards program.  The program is available to TK-6th grade classes including resource and special needs. The winner of this rewards program will receive $500 to be used toward classroom supplies, these supplies need not be related any particular agriculture lesson.

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Ag Lesson Plan Resources

Merced County Farm Bureau Virtual FARM2U Program


National Agriculture in the Classroom


The California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom


Merced County Cooperative Extension


Merced County Ag Commissioner Report


Almond Board of California

An Almond Story


California Milk Advisory Board


Dairy Council of California


The California Sweet Potato Council


California Beef Council


California Cattlewomen


California Walnuts


National 4-H

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