Merced County Agriculture


Top 10 Agriculutral Commodities in Merced County 

1. Milk
Did you know cows produce about 9 gallons of milk per day, and about 3,000 gallons each year?
2. Almonds
Did you know Almonds are not a nut, but actually a fruit? They are a close relative to the peach and nectarine, this is why the almond hull is fuzzy like a peach skin.
3. Chickens
Did you know chickens are the closest living relatives of dinosaurs?
4. Cattle and Calves
Did you know cows don't have 4 stomachs, but actually 1 stomach with 4 chambers?
5. Sweet Potatoes
Did you know California Sweet Potatoes contain manganese? Manganese is a mineral that helps support healthy blood sugar levels, which can help stabilize the appetite for hours.
6. Tomatoes
Did you know tomatoes are a fruit not a vegetable? But in 1893 the Supreme Court ruled that tomatoes were a vegetable in the case of "NIX v. HEDDEN"!
7. Corn (Silage)
Did you know Dent corn (silage) is primarily used as feed for animals, but is also processed into thousands of items: starch (baby food, salad dressing, glue); corn syrup (soda, fireworks, adhesives); dextrose (bakery goods, fruit juices, antibiotics); and oil (margarine, soap, paint)?
8. Hay (Alfalfa)
Did you know alfalfa is considered the premier forage of dairy cows. Thus, much of the milk, yogurt, cheese, cream, dried milk, and ice cream we eat are connected to alfalfa.
9. Eggs (Chicken)
Did you know eggshell colors are indicative of the breed?
10. Nursery Products
Across the state the nursery industry employs about 190,000 people with a total annual economic impact of $11.3 billion!
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