President's Corner

Eric Harcksen

October 2020

Greetings, Merced County Farm Bureau members. It is time to take a stand and Vote. This is going to be the new old trend for California.  Tax raises any way they can get them.  We really need to get the word out about Prop 15.  Prop 15 is going to be crippling for the AG community.


If passed, Prop 15 will reverse Prop 13 which was passed in 1978.  Prop 15 will raise taxes to farms and the facilities that process our commodities.  List of examples that would be taxed would be barns, shops, processing plants, fruit trees, wineries, vineyards, irrigation systems and solar stations that power them.  Prop 15 will increase tax on commercial and industrial properties along with ranches and farms. Prop 15 requires them to be taxed at market value instead of purchase price.   Prop 15 is estimated to cost $11.5 billion dollars a year in increased property tax passed on to you. Tax assessors for the counties which they live in do not know how and what it will add tax, in fact, it will increase their own costs including their own staffing. Prop 15 is just the beginning of our tax increases that will be passed on to you and your family.  California, by far, the cost of living here is among the highest in the nation, this is why we need to get the word out about Prop 15.  We as a whole need to educate each other, our neighbors, friends, and family.  Our farmers and community can not afford this tax increase. We need to take a stand and say “NO on Prop 15.”     

If you have any questions or need assistance please feel free to contact the office and the girls would be more than happy to help out.    

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