President's Corner

June 2020

Hello Merced County Farm Bureau members.  I hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather we are having and you are gearing up for what looks to be like a bountiful harvest.  

Your board is actively paying close attention to high speed rail, Prop 13 (also known as the split roll measure), and Central Valley Regional Water Quality Board.  Breanne has been attending multiple meetings regarding the high speed rail and always has the farmers in her best interest.  MCFB board would like everyone to understand that we are diligently working together to keep things running smoothly.

There are a few upcoming activities that you should be aware of in the upcoming weeks. California Farm Bureau will be holding their Issue Advisory Committee meetings in Sacramento on June 15-16. I, along with five other board members, will be participating in these meetings. This allows us the opportunity to come together as a state organization and develop the policy for the coming year. The Merced County Fair Virtual Livestock Sale will take place starting June 11th 8 a.m. thru June 13th  at 8 p.m.   You can join the action by signing up at (SSA).  Our typical FARM2U Day will be altered to a virtual format for local students. Classes that select to sign up will be given the opportunity to use our videos and class material on their terms and in their classrooms. 

Our board and staff did not want to completely cancel this year’s program as we have developed the program for the last eight years. I hope the kids are still able to enjoy, learn and appreciate where their food comes from.   

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