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Farmers and Ranchers have always had challenging times. And, if you directly or indirectly depend on agriculture in California, you know it is one of the most challenging places in the world to do business.


Today’s farmer has to be part scientist, part water expert, part marketer and overall land steward. They must understand their neighbors’ needs, whether they are next door or 20 miles away. It’s up to these family farmers to decipher and comply with the most complex regulations around. But they know whom to rely on for help. Agriculturally dependent operations and businesses need Farm Bureau now more than ever. Over the years, the Merced County Farm Bureau has been advocating for agriculture at the local, state and federal levels of lawmaking and regulation. Whether it’s a matter of excessive taxation or how much farmers have to pay for their energy, Farm Bureau has been involved and engaged.


We have testified at hearings before Planning Commissions, City Councils, the Board of Supervisors, irrigation districts, community service districts and the Municipal Advisory Committees (MAC) concerning issues on land use, regulations, air quality, fee schedules, water, waste discharge, and more. We host a variety of workshops throughout the year to keep our members current on water, hazardous materials, labor laws, etc. Our scholarship committee has supported our FFA Chapters and 4-H clubs throughout the years and awards over $20,000 worth of scholarships each year. We have partnered with many other organizations for educational events and workshops for students, the general public and our members.


On a daily basis staff and directors are serving as a voice for agriculture. In addition to this support, all of our members have access to exclusive Farm Bureau member benefits. These benefits vary from health and auto insurance, vehicle purchasing and supply discounts. By becoming a member, you will have access to up to date news articles, current events, and more pertaining to agriculture through our Merced County Farm News and weekly newsletter. The more members we have, the louder our voice is. Become involved and engaged in Merced County agriculture. Support your local family farms. Join Farm Bureau.

Membership Benefits

MCFB Membership Discounts
CFBF Membership Discounts

For a full list of CFBF Membership Benefits please visit California Farm Bureau

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